The Beers created by the Eisbock Brewery

Beer is now being brewed, where once the air was thick with flying wood shavings and high quality furniture was manufactured.
Eisbock Brewery is the product of curiosity and love, and the desire to discover and enjoy new experiences with the natural product, known as beer.
We brew beer with character and soul that transcends the boundaries of the known and the everyday.
Brewed with passion and loving attention to detail, we use selected malts, wonderful hop varieties and the best yeast.
Premium class beers are created from the combination of the expertise of beer tasters and a wealth of experience from years of refining selected recipes.
The quality of our products is every bit as uncompromising as the appearance of the monsters on our labels. These beers are far removed from mass production and standardisation.

Our beers are not only popular among beer lovers, they are generally appreciated by gourmets, top chefs and anyone who wants to discover and experience something different.